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Note: Dr. Bentley, the creator or Power-Hypnosis: a motivational sports psychologist has been favorited by more professional athletes and their coaches than he can keep track of. He also favorited by Oprah Winfrey and others in the entertainment industry. as well as sports news reporters. Dr. Bentleys unique experiences with being the captain of two college athletic teams and his study of martial arts, Chu Kung, Yoga  and meditation give him a unique perspective into the mind of the athlete as well as those who have chronic injuries and illness who want to make a come back. (See the Youtube video, why does Olga run.) 

We use Power hypnosis (created by Dr. Bentley and Professor Renee Bentley, as well as combining it with ;QT2 healing techniques when appropriate.

Fee's:  the fee for power-hypnosis has been reduced to $250.00 per session, normally a $400.00 value., insurance is not applicable for power hypnosis.. An additional discount is available for those who sign up for 10 or more sessions (payable in advance).

What is Hypnosis?

Let’s start with what hypnosis is not.
It is not ➛ what you see on television,
➛ magic, ➛ mystical mind control.

Hypnosis is a perfectly safe technique that can benefit anyone. It is the ultimate means of heightening motivation by programming the subconscious mind to work in active cooperation with conscious desires. It is a state of suggestibility which can be controlled to create positive personal change.

You are actually already familiar with hypnotic states of consciousness - or brain wave levels. You experience various trance levels of consciousness for brief periods all day long.

There are four distinct levels of brain activity:

1. Beta - Full consciousness

2. Alpha - Awakening / crossing over into sleep
                  Light to Medium level hypnosis

3. Theta - Early stages of sleep
                  Medium to deep level hypnosis

4. Delta - Full sleep to deepest sleep
  Level used by Einstein, Edison and Tessla, (all friends) to enhance their intelligence and creativity. 

Hypnosis can be very helpful with smoking cessation as well as learning to cope with various types of psychological symptoms.

Have you ever asked "There must be something more?" There is. Your only limits are with you thought.

Common Applications of Hypnosis

Besides overeating and smoking cessation, hypnosis is also often helpful in other personal problem areas. Private, personalized hypnotherapy, in anywhere from 2 to 20 session programs, are available for the following:

bulimia pain control- pain management
stress management anorexia - eating disorders - body dysnorpnia
tobacco chewing memory - improve long and short term
surgery preparation concentration - learn the power of single focus concentration
dental anxiety test anxiety - Master tests and get the grades you need to have the
life you want. Anyone can increase their grades on a test.
Doug and Renee got the highest grades on every test they ever took in college and graduate school. We know how.
assertiveness drug abuse - all addictions can be overcome when the mind is focused.
creativity self-confidence - Find the confidence of who your true self is made to be.
stage fright insomnia - stop the battle allow the sleep. We can change any dream disorder into
a transformation of life and hope for you.
fear of success procrastination - learn how to trust your natural rythmns and success will always be
waiting for you.
fear of failure sales motivation - all sales is about thought. Dr. Doug and Renee have many years as
sales reps, managers and motivational trainers. learn to be the best.
finger nail biting  Improve any skill naturally. Think what would happen if every thing you did was meant
to work out for a blessing rather than frustation.

Phobias: Sport improvement/ sports psychology
flying golf - Bowling
water Wrestling Martial Arts Dr. Doug again never did a push up until he was 15 being the worst athlete in his school in Two years he was a State Chamption, in High School and College and was captain of both teams. He studied multiple forms of martial arts for 15 years. He does understand.
heights tennis Dr. Doug went from the worst athlete in his school to Captain of the Varsity tennis team in Highschool and College in 2 years. Learn the secret.
crowds body building and strength starts in the pineal gland.
highway driving football - power- strength- agility- skill enhancement. Do you understand this you can learn.
claustrophobia soccer
agoraphobia gymnastics - enter the zone naturally
  track and field - endurance and speed, learn how to float so fast that others will wonder where you walk and not be weary, run and not be faint. Is this possible?  of course.
Strength and agility enhancement

Childhood Habits:
thumb sucking

** The best hypnotic subjects are intelligent people with strong wills and good imaginations.

Time for a Change?

Any time is a good time for change!

Remember this:
If you always do
what you’ve always done,
You will always get
what you’ve always gotten


If nothing changes, nothing changes.

A lot of people make promises to themselves to make self improvements. “If XXX happens”, or “When XXX in my life changes.” Something always gets in the way.

People generally don’t take the time to look at their life. It sort of unfolds based on circumstances. We suggest that you have a choice. You can choose when and how you will begin a new, healthier lifestyle.

Change isn’t easy.
Worthwhile events take energy.
We Will Help You,
if you choose to change your

Self Image,
Health and Fitness. 

“When combined with common sense and other interventions, it is very effective.”
      - Renee Bentley, LMSW, ACSW

“Inside of us, we have the answers to our most unsettling problems. We only need to access that part of us that 'knows.' Hypnosis can be used to find those inner connections.”
      - Doug Bentley, EdD
"Nothing ever happened in the past: it happened in the NOW. Nothing will ever happen in the Future: it will happen in the NOW. Be Here Now.”
      - Eckhart Tolle

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