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Sports Psychology

 It may surprise you but: in . the last few years QT2.0 has been doing reasearch with non invasive non medication, non steroid treatment modalities that look promising for athletic performance as well as increase recovery time for muscles which have been worked out. The techniques appear to increase performance even more than anabolic steroids. Contact Dr. Doug Bentley, our sports psychologist for a  consultation and treatment if you compete competitively. In any sport or performance activity.

Enchance any athletic performance with counseling and sport psychology.                                              
If it works for professional athletes, scientists, academics, artists, musicians, actors, inventors, anyone who can or wants to see more.
The mind enhances all!

 Strength Muscle Power               Personal confidence      Life Force Energy        
 Endurance          Kinesetic Awareness  Cellular Memory  Nerve Cell  
 Core strength  Intuititve movement  Zone awareness  Higher self awareness
Chalkra Power  Life force power  Thought Stillness  Field Awareness
 Enhance healing  Double Triple recovery time  Mental Stamina  Mental Stamina recovery time
 In Touch With Aminal instinct  Pain Reduction  Transcend Pain  Use Pain

Research suggests that when an athlete
practices their particular skill mentally
guided by a professional; Through hypnosis, guided 
visualization, Neurolinguistic Programing, EMDR, Meditation
Techniques, Mind_Body Connection Techniques, Quantum Touch

healing and energy techniques, Yoga enhancement, Tai Chi and
Chi Qung energy enhancement techniques, then performance
often improves more rapidly than when practiced

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