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phone therapy

Phone and internet sports psychology, anywhere in United States.



Dr. Bentleya renown sports psychologist, has helped countless athletes excell and move to their highest potential in their field of excellence.In his own life Dr. Doug has been recognized nationally in the 2 sports and in many other fields of endeavor. He is a published aughor with over or 50 years of study and experience in all areas of excellence and potential development. In college he was nationally6 rated as a wrestler, captain of his college tennis team and captain of his chess team. As published author and successful business person in the area of psychology makes him uniquely qualified for helping you. Dr. Bentley's twitter account unseen_healer has been favorited by Oprah, and multiple professional athletes and Professional sports team coaches. He excelled in Mathematics, quantum physics, psychology and sociology earn 4 bachelor Degrees. He earned an MA in counsleing and doctorate in clinical psychology. He founded Inner Access Therapy Center, LLC  which is a highly successful private practice counseling office. 

Phone therapy has many advantages. generally it is paid through a credit card transaction, protecting you from competitor spying and monitoring. Phone therapy also is completely free of employer scrutiny as it is billed as coaching/ sports psychology services.  Preventing the possiblity of large corporations from dismissing you for mental health reasons and excluding you for promotions as a person who connects with professionals to improve your skill on an ongoing basis. The session makes it possible for you to gain valuable help anywhere in the country. Avoiding long rides, time traveling and mileage expense.

Dr. Doug Specializeds in Mindfulness training and the use of visualization and emotional project to enhance your physical skills, Body Memory and increasing the number of neurons in your  brain and body by 30 to 40%. He also increases sucess neurons by over 50%. This often moves an average high school athlete in to an NCAA division  one competitor, and moves professional athletes way above their competition. 

Phone therapy is by appoinment only by calling or texting Dr. Doug and arranging a time to experience his coaching wonders. The fee is 175.00 in advance per a credit card transaction. This is for a 40 minute session. If you are considering use of insurance this service is not for you. (I do have clients who spend twice the amount of counseling reimbursement to travel to my office.  call 616 570 9792 or text me and we can begin changing your life now.  





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